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Ladies Luncheon

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Recap of 2018 Reunion

Good afternoon everyone. I am hoping your Memorial Day weekend was safe and memorable.
Many things have been happening since I sent a reunion update. One very special thing that has happened was us being approved as a " Commemorative Partner" with the Department of Defense. I presented a proclamation from DOD signed by Gen. Mattis & Gen Dunford recognizing us as official partners. Many people at the reunion in KY, and also attendees at the Wall dedication at Camp Pendleton last week, were presented with pins recognizing each  person for your service with 3/5 in Vietnam. Also we were able to get official proclamation signed by Gen. Mattis, Gen. Dunford & President Trump  to present to some 28 members of our KIA families. At the reunion we presented 4 family members with these proclamations as the attendees watched: Ms Aston (Mother of Blake Aston), Mr. Roddick (Brother of Bill Roddick) Ms. Keene (Sister of Frank Miller) Ms. Sahlbery & son Ryan (Sister & nephew of Henry Kolakowski). This was an event that was very special to all of us. Since the reunion many of these proclamations are being hand delivered, nation wide, by members of our group to respective family members. It was very special, my friends, to be presented such honors from our present distinguished DOD leadership. We plan to expand this to other families in the future. Now that we know what has to be done and kinda sorta what is involved we can expand it in the coming years.
Wed & Thu guest check-in was just awesome this year with many friends meeting for the first time in some 46+ years, as well as old friends meeting again
The golf tournament & trap shoot on Friday morning was again a total success.
The ladies luncheon at lunch  was thought to be the best ever.
Fri afternoon proclamation presentation was a first, followed by the reading of our Wall names.
Fri night George and his band entertained us with humor and some awesome country songs.
Bruce & Patty King ran the 50 - 50 raffle again Friday night.  It was a hit as well.
Saturdays pictures went really smooth as we had one of our own taking the pictures rather than a professional photographer which we will do again in the future.
Saturday afternoons ceremony, conducted by Chaplain Hightower, honoring the Roddick family was very humbling as we heard our people talk about Bill Roddick, as well as  hearing the family speak from their prospective. 
Saturday night raffle & auction was again handled with our own Jerry and his way of 'git-r-done" humor. Loved it! 
Claudia Nicholson made an awesome queen sized quilt for this years quilt drawing.  We thank Claudia for what she does for us.
The committee discussed moving the location but as of now they want to stay at Lake Barkley for at least one more year. Your committee Reps are open to any suggestions anyone has for the future, so, contact them and let them know your thinking. One problem we have always had with the park is getting up & down the stairs to the lower level rooms. The committee discussed this issue at length with the management and suggested they install a "dumb waiter lift" rather than an expensive elevator system. They already have such a system to move a person from one level to the pool level area. There is no reason for this system not to work to get luggage and people up or down from the unloading zones of the lodge.
Several changes may be coming in 2019 mainly because of our age and limitations we are beginning to experience. No one wants to admit we're getting older and limited but reality is we are and we will continue to be this way till our # is called. For this reason please make plans for 2019 now because you don't know if you or a friend will be able to make another.  2019 will be our 20th year as a 3/5 reunion group let us make this something special for all our group, so,  please attend!!
We are already planning for next year so if there are any suggestions you want to see implemented, now is the time to speak your mind. Contact your reps and make your opinion known while adjustments can be considered as a group. 
If I can help in any way let me or your committee member know.
Semper Fi
Curtis & Brenda

The quilt that Claudia Nicholsonthat  made was given away in a drawing to Karen Ford

Reunion 2018 Recap

Some of the auction & raffle items.

Jerru Bain selling raffle tickets.