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Good morning to you this fine morning to be alive and well. As you may know I have been really sick the past few weeks but I am gaining strength everyday. The flue bug, I got, kicked me down really bad and drained me. I am winning though and will be back to par soon.We are already working for our 2020 gathering as we close the books on 2019. The best head count we can get is 96 + or - some. It is very hard to get an exact number because people come and we have no idea they are there, some come and can only stay a day or so then leave. Just hard to get an exact. Even counting head from the group picture does not reflect an exact because many do not want their picture taken. 96 is about as close as we can count by the formation, picture and registration. Many new people came this year that I personally didn't know was coming. One of my best friends from Nam showed up and floored me when he said his name. This is what makes what we do so special and eventful. Very special to see a friend you have not seem in 50 some years. Thank you all who came and enjoyed what we do as a BN. We try very hard to be sure all is done properly, enjoyable, affordable & honorable. I want to thank all who helped set up and tear down the decorations this year. I could not have asked for better help. I could name some outstanding ones but I will just say thank you to all who helped: THANK YOU!!!2020 info begins:Reservations: call 1/800/325/1708 You need to reserve now because the rooms are filling up fast. I know when I left the ladies on the desk said they were filling as fast as they could already. Be sure that when you call to tell them you are with the 3/5 reunion. All rooms are blocked till April 5th under 3/5 reservations. The best rooms will be filled soon so act now.Dates: May 13th through the 17th the 16th is Armed Forced day which has been our date sense the beginning. Rooms: Our rates at the park will stay the same as this part year. Lodge rooms are $76.14; Cabins and suites are $109.22. These prices are bottom line prices which means all taxes & fees motels charge you are included. That being said if the state raises the taxes during the year I will inform you of these changes. The park has no control over this. Registration fee: Because of your generosity and helping at the raffles, auction, 50/50 & donations we have a surplus in our treasury. So, we are dropping the fee to $40. We do not want to make a profit. We have to cover our expenses and have operating capital to operate. We have been blessed over the years by peoples generosity in helping our reunion grow. Unfortunately our operating time is limited as you know. The fee is to be mailed to Paul Smith (address below) and please let him know the size & quantity of shirts. Make plans now to be with us and enjoy being with a friends again and laugh, cry, and just hang with people you were with as Marines. The info we have learned by being together as a BN could print volumes. REMEMBER: without you there is no reunion. The whole purpose of this is you and you being with your friends.If you have any suggestions of what or where you want the 2021 reunion, now is the time to say something. Below is a list of you company reps & how to contact them. Speak up and be heard.If I can be of any help please let me knowCurtis: jarheadnam@aol.comPaul Smith: paul.smith442@yahoo.comP.O. Box 6Breeding, KY 42715Company Reps & emails:H&S: Carl Gregory: gregorycarl47@gmail.comJim Blankenheim: jim.blankenheim@gmail.comINDIA: Jerry Bain: jkbain@yahoo.comBruce King: bkingjr100@yahoo.comKILO: Bill Borgio: bborgio@msn.comJoaquin Gracida: jcg2002@gmail.comLIMA: Glen Glasgow: doc.lima3_5@att.netBill Hamilton: wmhamilton5@hotmail.comMIKE: Craig Sullivan: sarge356768@yahoo.comType your paragraph here.

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Reunion 2018 Recap

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